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I studied history, education, global affairs and literary journalism at the Universities of Cardiff, Oxford and Hong Kong, where I stayed on as a Senior Researcher. I teach part-time and write as a freelance journalist, primarily for the South China Morning Post. My subject matter includes George Orwell’s prediction of the current Cold War in East Asia and a travel story on Prague: In Assassins’s Shoes. My articles are available here on my website and at www.scmp.com/author/paul-letters.

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My first novel-to-be, A Chance Killis inspired both by my Polish grandmother’s life on the run from the Nazis and the heroics of RAF crews sent to war in obsolete technology. It’s a thriller based around authentic events and real lives, researched with the aid of professional historians in London, Warsaw and Prague.

The story unearths the unspoken limits of loyalty, witnesses hope fight against fear, and contests the value of a life compromised.

Dyta’s time on the run from the Nazis sets her on a path towards confronting the ultimate Nazi. Half a continent away, an RAF crew embark on Britain’s little-known first offensive of the war. Dyta’s destiny edges closer to theirs – and towards the Allies’ most brazen covert operation to strike at the Nazi elite.

But more dangerous than the enemy is the assumption that your enemy’s enemy is your friend.

A CHANCE KILL will be published on 26 February 2015. To get updates (once or twice a month) from this webpage, click on the “Follow” button at the bottom of this page. Or follow me on Twitter 

 Contact: paulletters@gmail.comThanks to Alex Carlile Photography

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