A CHANCE KILL – Your enemy’s enemy is not your friend


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An old-fashioned love story weaves through an authentic wartime thriller.

Based upon my grandmother’s experience, seventeen-year-old Polish catholic Dyta Zając finds herself forced away from wartime Warsaw due to her family’s shadowy connections. Dyta’s time on the run sets her on a path towards confronting the ultimate Nazi.

Half a continent away, an RAF bomber crew embarks upon Britain’s little-known first offensive of the war. In a story of fear versus hope, the unspoken limits of loyalty are exposed and the value of a compromised life is contested. Courtship edges Dyta’s destiny closer to that of members of the RAF crew – and toward the Allies’ most brazen covert operation to strike at the Nazi elite.

But more dangerous than the enemy, however, is the assumption that your enemy’s enemy is your friend…

A flavour from the forthcoming novel, A Chance Kill:

The black-uniformed officer ushered Dyta to the open car door. She bent double through the doorway. In doing so, she plucked the capsule from inside the waistband of her skirt and sat down with a cough, her hand politely covering her mouth for a moment. Using her tongue, she carefully moved the pill back from her teeth. She would be strip-searched, beaten, interrogated, tortured and, eventually, killed. The Gestapo man squeezed down next to Dyta, slammed the door and tapped the driver on the shoulder. The car lurched away. Dyta thought over what she had learned and what she had failed to learn: her failures left her no other option.

A Chance Kill roundel

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