Finding a Publisher

Agent Hunter: Caught

Agent Hunter – the punned codename of a character in my forthcoming wartime spy novel? No, a new database listing contact details and advice from a tome of UK based literary agents and publishers. Here, one can spy on the advice of Hilary Mantel’s agent regarding a submission covering letter: “If a book can’t be summed up in a couple of sentences, chances are it’s not doing its job properly.” Or search “Margaret Atwood” and learn her agent will take anyone from racing warhorse Jilly Cooper to cricket commentator Richie Benaud.

The broader genre search, such as for “historical fiction” or “romance”, generates a daunting hundred-plus agents: either settle in for browsing to Russian novel proportions, or narrow down, by the number of years of agent experience, perhaps.

The annual subscription cost is cheaper than the RRP of the latest Dan Brown – but perhaps more than one should ever pay Dan Brown (I’m just jealous). Or you can trial the database for free: search to your literary content but key information will be censored like a letter from the front.

Right, opening chapters rubbed to a shine, covering letter covered, synopsis sealed – it’s time to find out if Agent Hunter really can change my life; ask me in six to eight weeks.

A CHANCE KILL – click to read. A Chance Kill will be published by 2015 – to get updates (once or twice a month) from this webpage, click on the “Follow” button at the bottom of this page.

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